Photos Of the Weston Road, Scotts Valley, CA Area

We are blessed to live in one of natures true paradises:
The Santa Cruz Mountains,  CA,  USA
Morning Weather in Scotts Valley by Ohlone  





This photo was taken early in the morning using a time exposure. It shows the beauty of the early morning clouds and fog in our area.

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Island in the clouds  by Ohlone  





This photo shows the redwoods peeking up above and yet below the clouds.  Its taken from the location of the weather station looking south toward the Santa Cruz area.

SunRays  by Ohlone





This was taken on a morning where the conditions created a beautiful sunrise with misty sun rays.

FogMist by Ohlone



Another beautiful and foggy morning in Santa Cruz Mountains country.  Redwoods are getting a good drink.


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