The Weston Road Weather Station
Elevation:  1255 ft above sea level

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Photo: Chicken Coop Weather Station by Ohlone  



This is the actual weather station site location.

The weather station uses a Davis Vantage Pro II wireless weather monitoring system.

The equipment is mounted on our chicken coop.  It's 100ft from the house and in the best location away from trees as much as possible  (which is nearly impossible at our place).  There is a solar powered transmitter, rain-gauge and radiation shielded temperature and humidity sensor on the upper left. Note the anemometer on top of a 2 by 4 attached to the coop on upper right.

We are located on a ridge above Zayante, CA right off Weston road.







We upgraded the anemometer in March, 2006 to raise it up for better wind readings.  It is mounted on a double Antenna mast up at 27 ft above ground.





Chickens are ready for some good weather!